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  • Salt Lake County single family homes 1st quarter 2010 real estate sales

    Posted on May 27th, 2010 admin No comments

    Median price of $219,000.

    For home sales in Salt Lake County ending March 31, 2010.  Note that this drop of about 10% is a median for all of the county and its cities.  In general the western suburbs were hit much harder than downtown areas.  Notice the huge increase in the number of sales as prices started to decline.  The drop off in the 1st quarter of this year may be attributable to satiated demand.

    The Salt Lake Board of Realtors reported that at 1st quarter’s end there was a 10.8 month supply of housing inventory with the average time on the market of 131 days.  This is an improvement over 2009 figures.  An inventory of over 6 months is generally considered a buyer’s market.

    Looking at values over a longer period really puts the recent downturn into perspective.  We should always consider real estate a long term investment.  Consider the gain of those that bought their property 10 years ago.  You really shouldn’t  buy a property to fix and flip if you can’t afford the contingency of holding it for awhile.
    SLcounty sfh 1st qt 2009-2010
    SLcounty sfh 1st qt 1996-2010

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