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  • Salt Lake County single family homes 2nd quarter 2010 real estate sales

    Posted on July 7th, 2010 admin No comments

    These numbers are for the entire county which includes all of the cities, townships, and unincorporated suburbs.  The median price of single family homes basically held steady at $218,000.  The big news was the number of closings.  2766 sales is a number we haven’t seen since the market was peaking 2 years ago when  the median price was $256,000.
    We can hope that this is indicating a bottoming of the fall.
    Salt Lake county single family home sales 2007-2010 2nd qt
    Salt Lake county single family home sales 1996-2010 2nd qt

    Using sales from the previous six months shows an absorption rate of 759 homes per month and an which would last 8.4 months.  Still a buyer’s market.  A balanced market is considered to be six months of inventory.

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