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  • LDS Church lowers price on select City Creek units

    Posted on July 8th, 2010 admin No comments

    The Salt Lake Tribune reported today that prices in the Regent building under construction at 35 E. 100 South will be “re-evaluated” in light of the economic downturn.  Condo units that were priced to start at around $300,000 will now start in the mid $100,000’s.
    Note that this announcement is for the building on 100 South and not the Temple view Richards Court buildings or the Promontory on the corner of West Temple and South Temple.  This new price is almost certainly a base price and would not include any upgrades.
    There appear to be only 4 of these smaller units on the second floor.  So the big announcement may be more of a marketing ploy than an overall reduction across the board.  But it is a sobering message.

    Salt Lake Trib article