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  • The 7 things sellers should do when showing their home

    Posted on July 27th, 2010 admin No comments

    1. To quote a classic horror movie: Get out of the house!

    • My buyers do not want to meet you.
    • It will be awkward
    • Your presence will deter the buyer from discussing the property or asking me about problem areas that I can probably resolve.
    • My buyers are not thieves (but put away the Oxycontin, I’ve probably had a rough day).

    2. Turn on every light in the house and garage.

    • I don’t care if it’s high noon on the summer solstice with record solar flares, I’m trying to sell your house not a cave.
    • The 32 cents in electric cost will be offset by the $32,000 in equity from the sale.
    • Leave a small note on the kitchen table asking the buyer’s agent to leave the lights on after they are finished because “there is another showing scheduled after yours”.  A little bluff never hurts.

    3. Kill the television.

    • I’m not even going to try and compete with Sex in the City on a 80 inch high def plasma screen with Dolby 7.1
    • Once again, I’m trying to sell your home not your entertainment system.
    • Including the TV (or other extraneous items) with the home is fiscally foolish.  You wont get a penny extra for it.  Instead sell it on Craigslist or offer to sell it to the buyer after you go enter escrow.

    4. Take your dog for a walk.

    • I don’t care if your pooch is cute enough to make Simon Cowell wet. It will either steal the show or scare my client.  Either way it doesn’t help me sell your home.
    • Chaining the poor thing in the backyard is not a solution.  A buyer who is a dog lover will hate you and one who is phobic will be obsessed with the chain breaking.

    5. Clean, clean and clean again.

    • Do I really have to elaborate on this?
    • If you are not up to the task, your listing agent can recommend a service.  Or they may even do their own  impersonation of Annette Bening in American Beauty.

    6. Put away your personal collections.

    • The focus should be on selling your house, not you.
    • This includes but not limited to: Animal heads,  Those super-sized photos of your children, Paraphernalia, Excessive religious iconography, collectible spoons or anything that could remotely be considered offensive.
    • Don’t assume that the potential buyer is from the same socio-economic class, religion, gender, ward, or even planet that you are from.

    7.  Start packing.  You are going to sell your house.

    • We all have too much stuff.  Don’t wait until moving day to pack it up, sell it or throw it out.
    • Get a storage locker or at least a corner of the basement where you can neatly stack boxes.
    • Remove anything that you will not need in the next 6 months.  Your house should look like a model home but without the fake plants.