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  • Mistakes that Salt Lake Sellers Make. Number 4

    Posted on September 29th, 2010 admin No comments

    “My home has a lot of special features.  It would be best if I helped the buyer’s agent show the home so I can point out those antique doorknobs.”

    No, it wouldn’t.  I have spent at least half of my career as a buyer’s agent and I can testify right here and now that the buyer does not give a rat’s hinee about those little custom touches.  Those were special for you but it is not what will sell your home.
    Buyers first and foremost do not want the seller at home during a showing.  They want to be able to move around the property on their own time and fall in love with it for their own reasons.  The presence of the seller also inhibits buyer/agent conversation which is necessary in resolving issues that keep the buyer from making an offer.
    If you must, make a list of these features and leave a copy out for the buyer.