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  • Mistakes that Salt Lake Home Sellers Make. Number 8

    Posted on February 27th, 2011 admin No comments

    I know the market analysis came in at $275,000 but let’s start at $300,000. After all, we can always come down in price.

    And you will. Study after study show that when a home starts substantially higher than market value, the ultimate selling price is significantly below the market value. Think of homes for sale as if they were products on a shelf. And each shelf represents a price range. If your home is on the wrong shelf, then the wrong buyers are looking at it. The buyer who is looking for a home in your market value will never see your house and those that do see your home need something on that higher price shelf and are not interested in making the appropriate offer on your home.
    Yes, of course we start a little above the market analysis price for negotiation sake. But that spread is a fine line and is one you want to discuss with your agent. Remember, you are paying for professional advice and experience. Use it.

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