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  • Mistakes that Salt Lake Home Sellers Make. Number 9

    Posted on February 28th, 2011 admin No comments

    The kitchen remodel isn’t quite finished but we can describe the granite counter tops to the buyer. Maybe they will want to pick out their own colors.

    I’m sure the buyers would like to pick out their own colors, but unless you are a developer selling a new construction home this is not a good idea. Buyers fall in love with what they see not what they hear. Ever notice how a model home is finished and furnished right down to the fake family photos on the nightstand and dinner plates on the table? This is because when you are selling a home you are really selling a lifestyle that the buyer feels like they can move into.
    Always have the home ready to sell from the first showing to the last. Otherwise the buyer (and their agent) will use every shortfall to chip away at your price and profit.

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