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  • Questions that Salt Lake Home Buyers Always Ask (#9)

    Posted on March 5th, 2011 admin No comments

    I know my credit score is great and I don’t owe any debts except for my car.  There’s no sense in meeting with a lender until we find the right house.

    What if you find that house on a Friday or holiday weekend?  Even in this market it is still possible to lose your dream home if you are not prepared to deal.  And if the listing is a short-sale or a bank owned property, they won’t even consider your offer unless it includes the pre-approval letter.
    With all these fancy computer thingys and internets the process is simple and fast.  Qualifying with a lender does not obligate you to that particular lender.  If you find a better rate or fee structure later then the decision to jump ship is yours.

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