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    Brad is a Salt Lake Realtor who has been schlepping buyers and schmoozing sellers since 1992.  Sticking signs and foisting flyers up and down the Wasatch Front.  From the Harvard Yale to Herriman, Capitol Hill to Copperton, Millcreek to Magna, Avenues to… Well, you get the idea (and the search engines get the key words).

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    Serving the Salt Lake real estate market since 1992.  No hype, no bogus awards, no team members or assistants.
    Just me making it happen for you.

    Brad Dundas

    Stonebrook Realty
    6375 S. Highland Dr
    Salt Lake City, UT 84121


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    • Love the real estate photos. I think you have shown a couple of the properites to us.

    • Brad, I just clicked on this in your email and I LOVE the photos/blog! These photos are the best… I do home staging and am always amazed at what people think is appropriate when showing their homes, but some of these photos are just absurd!!! Thanks for sharing!

    • Alta Pacifica

      Dear Mr. Brad Dundas:

      I have been feeling very very bitter about home ownership and the current state of home pricing in SLC, where I bought in 2005 and put down 20 percent for a conventional square-john loan and STUPIDLY remodeled it into a lovely home for me and my now-ex husband thinking I’d never actually LOSE money if I had to sell and, well, you know the rest.

      I don’t actually have to sell, yet. But I will within three years. By then, the market will either have gotten worse or better, right? That’s my prognostication, though I suspect the former rather than the latter.

      But I have to say, this blog cheered me up, even though for the past two days, when an agent actually defended the notion that he or she would DESERVE more of my piddly equity than I could get if I sold at the price he/she suggested, I’ve wanted to light a torch and grab a steel rake and march … somewhere. The Board of Realtors maybe, I dunno. I’d carry a sign that says, Down With Realtor Extortion! and it would have a little drawing of one of those round black bombs with the fuse alight the anarchists used to toss about when something upset them.

      So anyway, thanks. The next time I’m feeling masochistic and again consider listing my home, I’ll give you a call because today, you made me laugh and I really really needed it. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


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